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The probate process is time-consuming, expensive and public. Understanding those disadvantages of probate helps clarify the advantages of a revocable trust. Contrasting advantages of a revocable trust include the following:
  • It speeds up the process of transfer of real estate, bank accounts and personal property after death. Your spouse, child or designated friend can follow the necessary steps efficiently and with few obstacles when a revocable trust is properly designed and funded.
  • Estate administration costs are significantly reduced as compared to the probate process. There are no filing fees and no bond fees. Tax benefits are a positive result in most cases. (We can refer you to a tax law accountant for advice tailor-made to your unique circumstances).
  • With a revocable trust, assets in an estate remain private. There is no requirement to file a trust with a court. There is no need for a detailed list of personal property and no need for valuation of most personal property.

The benefits of a revocable trust become obvious upon study of what it is and how it works. A trust of this type is a powerful estate planning tool. It can be worth its weight in gold when the time comes to transfer assets from one generation to the next.

A lawyer’s advice will help you customize estate planning. You can maximize advantages and minimize disadvantages. For the one whose assets will someday be distributed through a revocable trust, peace of mind is priceless. For family members, ease of the transfer of assets is greatly appreciated at an otherwise stressful time after the passing away of a family member or business partner.

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