Probate Law Attorney in Nashua, NH

Grieving the loss of a loved one and settling his or her estate at the same time can be a burdensome combination. At a time like this, the advice and guidance of an experienced lawyer can make a great difference. I will offer assistance to family members or other beneficiaries responsible for administering estates. My knowledgeable can help you understand the necessary process. Typically, probate in New Hampshire goes through the following steps:
  • A petition for administration to the probate court, requesting to appoint the executor (personal representative) and to prove (allow) the will to move forward
  • Submission of an inventory of the estate within 90 days, including valuation of assets
  • A six-month period (or longer) during which the estate remains open to allow for proper notifications and other requirements to be completed
  • Filing of a final account which, once approved, will close the estate
  • Distribution of assets at the end or earlier if requested by the court

Probate is by nature a public legal process. Once the will is filed, its contents and the inventory of the estate are open to public scrutiny. This is a powerful reason for which many people elect to pass on assets through trusts. While the existence of a trust may become public through the filing of a will, the details can remain private among the parties involved.

Let me help you navigate the probate process for an efficient outcome.

As an experienced probate law attorney, I welcome the opportunity to evaluate your probate needs and explain how my law firm can guide you through the process. For information on probate or estate planning in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, call me, Alec Buchanan, in Nashua at 603-882-5129 or send an email inquiry.


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