Business Planning Attorney in Nashua, NH

Our firm and knowledgeable staff will provide guidance and necessary services to business owners just starting out and to those growing their businesses as:
  • Limited liability companies
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations

A business startup begins with a thoughtful selection and formation of the selected entity. Knowledgeable, thoughtful legal counsel at every step can help business owners contain costs and set the stage for growth and success. I help business owners establish operating procedures, draft and formalize purchase agreements, prepare for partner buyouts or other business succession outcomes and in general, prevent litigation through careful planning.

We help your business plan for the future.

We like to remind all business startup clients that an exit strategy built into the originating documents is as important as growth strategies. When a business is new, its eventual transformation or demise may seem far off, but the correct measure of success becomes evident when a business closes, is sold or is passed on to the next generation. Planning prevents disputes before they occur and provides a structure for resolution of any disputes that do arise.

As your business planning attorney, we can help you understand government regulations related to employment, taxes and commercial property lease or purchase, use of property and sale of a business.

Whether a new startup, selling or buying a business, or you need planning, let us help.

Call 603-882-5129 or send an email message through this website to schedule a consultation regarding any aspect of a business startup, business operations, sale of a business or business succession.

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