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I appreciate you taking the time to learn about my law practice. My law firm Alexander S. Buchanan, PLLC, is a trusted law firm in Nashua NH, serving clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. As one of the more experienced attorneys in New Hampshire, I help clients in the areas of estate planning, real estate, and business law. 

Specializing in Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, And Business Law

For more than 35 years, I have served as a valuable resource for people seeking legal counsel and representation in the areas of:

As a knowledgeable estate planning attorney, I have assisted individuals and families with living trusts, revocable and non-revocable trusts, wills, the probate of estates, the establishment of guardianship and other matters in the probate courts. With my extensive experience in real estate transactions, I can manage your purchase agreements, title searches and closings efficiently, for both commercial and residential real estate. I have represented clients before zoning and planning boards in towns across New Hampshire and Massachusetts. And I also am experienced with business law, contracts, agreements, LLC’s, and related business matters.

Serving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Out-Of-State Clients

We are based in Southern NH, serving the entire state of New Hampshire as well as local NH towns of Nashua, Hudson, Merrimack, Hollis, Amherst, Bedford, Milford, Wilton, Mt. Vernon, Lyndeborough, Londonderry, Pelham, Litchfield, and  Massachusetts towns of Tyngsborough, Pepperell, Chelmsford, and Lowell MA. Local or out of state, we can handle all your needs. Call 603-882-5129 or Contact Our Office through this website to schedule a free no obligation consultation regarding any area of estate planning, real estate, or business law.

Professional Leadership and Service in Key Community Organizations

Leadership in outside organizations has been an important part of my career. Time and effort is devoted in arenas where my knowledge and skills can make a difference for the community at large. At various times, I have served as President of the Milford Rotary Club, director of an organization serving disabled adults, and chairman of the Amherst Zoning Board of Adjustment. Currently, I am a founding trustee of the Amherst Community Foundation (ACF), Treasurer of the Amherst Historical Society (AHS), alternate member of the Amherst, N.H. Zoning Board of Adjustment and a regional advisor to the New Hampshire Charitable Fund (NHCF).

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Alec Buchanan


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